Just sayin’…

Yeah, this may be mean BUT I find it sad that our society has become one that completely rewards mediocrity.  You played on a team, but only played in one game and completely sucked?  Congratulations, here’s a trophy! Now, for little (very little) kids, I understand this.  For preteens and high schoolers? NO! Oh, you barely graduated high school after taking 13 home ec. classes and are starting college with no direction with money your parents earned?  Whoopty friggin’ do.  Now, for the others; you took challenging classes in high school and have plans for a great future and you earned scholarships and other awards based on your GOOD PERFORMANCE AND ACADEMIC STANDING?  Congratulations, you may actually be prepared to shape your own future, instead of letting society do it for you.  I seriously worry sometimes about my generation, those who graduated in 2010 or later.  We’ve had our mediocrity rewarded all our lives and I see many of my peers slowly idling down the path to no where.  A dead end.  Fortunately, I also see many peers, graduating college and leaving to do great things for themselves and for others.  I really see many of them changing the world.  This is why we must stop rewarding mediocrity!  Just sayin’…


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