Holy Projects, Batman!

Ahh… It’s that time of year again.  People are in a foul mood, walk like zombies, and are constantly distracted… FINALS!  So far, however, I am surviving.  My trick?  Be that one kid everyone hates in class who starts working on everything in advance.  I constantly email teachers my questions early on and make sure I know what will be on each final.  Unfortunately this go-around, I have finals combined with projects.  Despite the fact that most of them are quite easy, I’m finding it a bit challenging to have time to do quality work.  Which brings me to my next tip: Do what you can, no matter how little it is, when you can.  Every little bit adds up.  My next tip?  I hesitate to admit it, but in the classes where the instructor doesn’t really know me, I am the annoying brown noser.  This pays off in the end, I promise.

The important thing to remember is to take each project or assignment a little bit at a time.  Don’t wait till the last last minute and get plenty of rest and/or caffeine. 🙂



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