Trends I will NOT be following!

As a college student, I can understand the need for comfort during the day.  I can see why people trudge around in sweatpants and hoodies.  I can, on occasion, even understand people who wear their pjs to class (8 o’clock class when you work every night is really early).  The one “trend” I refuse to take part in is tights as pants.  It’s not flattering for anyone of any size.  Tights/ leggings were meant to be worn under one’s other attire.  I also doubt seriously that wearing something so constricting is that comfortable.  What happened to the basic knowledge that tights-as-pants was a bad idea?  I know I don’t want all my bits tightly wrapped and displayed for everyone to see…


2 comments on “Trends I will NOT be following!

  1. Heidi says:

    Oh I agree with this. It amazes the sites that I don’t want to see on campus. But I have to say I do love my yoga pants lol 😛

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