Worth $8 A Month

I must say, I’m rather happy with my decision to rejoin Netflix. My favorite show so far Is Alias.  I used to watch that show ALL THE TIME when it was on T.V.  The BF and I recently embarked on a quest to see what all of the hype is surrounding “American Horror Story.”  All though the first episode was deeply disturbing and weird (four episodes in, not much has changed about that!), it is quite possibly one of the most intriguing shows I’ve come across.  I’d recommend watching that one with a buddy though… Just saying! :/


The Finances of a Poor College Student

Without throwing all of my information out there in the open, I will say, there is something to be said for making a financial plan and sticking to it.  Since starting my second job, I’ve been saving a certain percentage of my paychecks from both jobs for different things (tuition, a new car, general savings, TITHE! etc).  I have found this to really help me and motivate me.  I’ve been able to actually form a little cushion for myself.  All though I’ve run into some technical difficulties and can’t set the payment plan for school up today, and I will be making larger payments now, I will be able to afford all payments and books like I had hoped. 🙂

Just sayin’…

Yeah, this may be mean BUT I find it sad that our society has become one that completely rewards mediocrity.  You played on a team, but only played in one game and completely sucked?  Congratulations, here’s a trophy! Now, for little (very little) kids, I understand this.  For preteens and high schoolers? NO! Oh, you barely graduated high school after taking 13 home ec. classes and are starting college with no direction with money your parents earned?  Whoopty friggin’ do.  Now, for the others; you took challenging classes in high school and have plans for a great future and you earned scholarships and other awards based on your GOOD PERFORMANCE AND ACADEMIC STANDING?  Congratulations, you may actually be prepared to shape your own future, instead of letting society do it for you.  I seriously worry sometimes about my generation, those who graduated in 2010 or later.  We’ve had our mediocrity rewarded all our lives and I see many of my peers slowly idling down the path to no where.  A dead end.  Fortunately, I also see many peers, graduating college and leaving to do great things for themselves and for others.  I really see many of them changing the world.  This is why we must stop rewarding mediocrity!  Just sayin’…


So, I finished my first year at Hannibal-LaGrange University quite successfully the other day!  I have another great job lined up for this summer at a bank (which makes sense because I’m a math major!), and I’m ready to see all that I can do, all the fun I can have, and how God will use me this summer!  I’m excited.  🙂

You Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone

Since the powerful storms on Wednesday, I’ve been without electricity in my house.  Last night was the first night I was able to spend at home since the storm.  And you know what?  We are so lucky to be able to use things like electricity and a shower on a daily basis!  Just think of all of the things we take for granted.  Phones, television, radios, the internet and even showers!  It’s crazy!  And I’m a huge baby when it comes to those things.  So, the next time I think I want more STUFF I’ll just remember all the blessings I do have.  One thing that this did was bring me, my family and my friends closer together. 🙂

Go Home, Weather! You Are Drunk!

Living in the Midwest has its advantages and disadvantages.  And then there are some things that you just don’t know about.  The other day, we had a tornado touch down near my hometown while I was at work.  It was scary, people didn’t want to listen to me and get to the bathroom when the sky was turning black, and I got stuck at work!  Ugh!  But we were all very fortunate, the damage seemed minimal, and we were only without power for about 24 hrs.  That was two days ago.  Now, we’re seeing flurries and the high is in the 40s!  What gives?

Here’s a look at what people were saying:

Monroe City: “As fast as it rolled in, it was gone.”

Music and Mood

During this very homework heavy time, I often turn to music to help me stay focused and study (and I’m doing such a great job of that, can’t you tell?).  Music helps me work to a rhythm, and as the beat gets faster, I feel as though I work faster.  But music also has an interesting affect on me: my mood.  I can usually turn on something up beat to cheer up or listen to some Gangnam Style when I’m uptight and need a laugh.  This is part of the beauty of music!  I am currently on some sort of Linkin’ Park/ Imagine Dragons kick right now…